The Garden of Walking Paths


Wherever you are, whatever you do, seize the opportunity to feel free!

If you are still on holidays explore new places, take long walks and savor every moment…

…even if you are in the city center, take a brake and enjoy the beauty of nature.

But, whatever you do, do it in style!

I had a job downtown Athens and when i finished I met my friend Sofia and we had a walk at the Zappion Garden.

I put on a floral skirt to harmonize with the environment and we took some pictures.  It was a “love at first sight” with this long skirt! I paired it with my favorite body from H&M that i bought this spring and a pair of leather platforms – platforms add not only comfort and style, but also some extra centimeters to some of us that are not super tall ;-). Another option is to pair this lovely skirt with a crop top and flat sandals or even high heel sandals if you feel like it.

x, Antonia

Body by H&M (find similar here)

High waisted floral skirt, Lynne

Leather platforms, Mourtzi

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